Thursday, July 22, 2010

Secular Sounds and Images

It has come to my immediate attention that the things that we hear and the things that we see have an impact on what we think. It has a greater effect on our minds than we may think. I was led to write this article because it has come up in various discussions with a few of my Christian friends. Is what we take in through our eyes and ears really important? If we know as Christians that we aren’t to entertain certain ideas or thoughts, why can’t we listen to certain music and watch certain programs and then just dismiss what isn’t righteous? 

No. The fact is we can’t. Seeds are being planted by the enemy. The solution is to be very aware of what you take into your body. You wouldn’t knowingly put harmful chemicals in your body would you? So why would you knowingly put images or sounds into your body that would be harmful to your soul? Not everyone sees it this way. This is just my personal opinion. From life experience, I find that for myself it’s better to distance myself altogether from things that could possibly pollute my soul.

Listening to “Buttons” by the Pussy Cat Dolls, I find myself rocking along gyrating my hips, feeling sexy and wanting to flaunt it for the world. Of course, I’d never do these things but the very fact that my mind goes there when I listen to songs such as this one, is reason enough to leave the secular music to the secular world. As Shannon states in her book, “Every Woman’s Battle,” there is enough Christian music out there now for every taste and every fancy. It is imperative that we do away with the images and sounds that are chipping away little by little at our souls.

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