Saturday, January 29, 2011

In The Beginning...

This torrential love
This back and forth love
This love because I can't help but love
You are my eternal love
In my mind love

When will the fairytale end love?
When will this all come crashing down love?
My high love
Get low love
Better not see you with another chick love

This heartsick love
This I need you love
This I can't breathe without you love
This I can't think about anything but you love
This isn't really love


As deadly as one of the seven sins
Where do I begin
To separate from you?
When we touch
I don't know where I begin
Where you end

Lost in your eyes
Passage way to your soul
Take me away
This can't be life...

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Imma tell you why I'm mad, son!

Its about that time. Imma tell you why I'm mad, son! Our society sickens me. Don't worry, Michelle O., I got this. I'm not proud to be an American. Why? Because of what our society condones. The smut on MTV and VH1 is our idea of entertainment!? Who's "reality" is reality tv based on!? It was all fun and games in the beginning! I'll admit to loving the Real World. Things just really got out of hand. The Real World......Jersey Shore. I see no positive growth. I see a steady climb of filth. I don't let my son watch much tv. Why? What can he learn? Fist-pump and how to smoosh!? America: dumbing down one person at a time. Sigh...

If Housewives (not even married or with someone), Dirty Shore, and things like that float your boat: #NoShade But, if you have millions of 15-25 year olds thinking this is life and how you get down...Lord, help us beacuse they will inherit the Earth! Lord, it seems the last generation with sense was born in the 80's. God bless us all.

Yours in true sadness,


Saturday, January 1, 2011



 Hello, darlings!  I hope your New Years was amazing! I was thinking about new years resolutions and the sort and realized that I never actually keep any. They are down the drain in less than one month. As the daily grind begins we go back to the way we were. I wondered what would happen if we got an accountability partner. If someone holds you accountable for what you set out to just might work.

I wanted to work out more, go to church more, not procrastinate so much...I already have a few friends in mind to help with these feats. Hopefully, I'll persevere. 
I hope that God blesses whoever reads this with love, joy and prosperity this new year!