Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today was such a great day of epiphanies. The total realization that we are only here temporarily seems to elude me from time to time. So wrapped up in the carnal world where I am only visitor; stranger; foreigner to this land. So many people tell me I'm selfless yet I seem to be self-led more often then not. What am I feeling today, how do I feel about this, that, you, me, her, him, things, life, strife, struggle, etc.


It's so overwhelming.

It's all so overwhelming.

Do you ever dwell on problems that you can't solve? Like world hunger? Yeah. I'm that girl.

Worry. Anxiety. About the future. About the past. Never about the present. Always trying to get to happy.

When happy can be found now.

Today, I was reminded that I'm going to Heaven.

It was the greatest feeling ever.

To be reminded that I am always longing for Heaven because that is my home.

Heaven is a physical place. Transformed bodies. No sadness. No sickness. No death.


Working happily.

More rejoicing.




We are not from here. That's why we will never be satisfied with anything on earth.

Yet, we can be content.

But we long for Heavenly things.

God prepared Heaven for us.

"Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." ~ Matthew 25:34

Beloved, I implore you, these things you are going through are TEMPORARY.

It gets better than this.

My Pastor was so impassioned delivering this message.

Fear and worry keep us from God's peace. We need to be still and know that the ruler of the universe, the sovereign King, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings - He reigns.

God is with us.
God is with you.

God is with you.

Go into next week KNOWING without a shadow of a doubt - God. Is. With. You.



Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Morning Manna

"I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” ~Psalm 40:8

I was meditating on this verse this morning and something stuck out to me. "I desire to do your will..." How easy is it for us to desire to do God's will? According to Paul, our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak (Matthew 26:41). The second part of that verse goes on to say that God's law is within the Psalmist's heart. 

That's the key. 

Continuous time spent with God in His word will cause you to desire the things of the Spirit.
"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11

Just a reminder this morning that if you're feeling out of sorts or off track in your walk, you may want to go back to the Source for refreshing spiritual renewal.

You can start with spending time in the Word learning His voice. Pray that He reveal Himself to you before you start reading.

He's there to listen and respond.

Have a blessed day!

~Aisha Antoinette

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long Time No Write

I believe writing for me is cathartic. It helps when I share my life experience with others because I am reminded that 1) I'm not the only one going through this, 2) It encourages others, and 3) I get encouragement and support from others. No matter what we like to think - we cannot do life alone.


Welcome to September 1st, 2012. We will never see this day again but thank God He has seen fit for us to live it. As I sit here and sip on my Celestial Seasoning Peppermint Tea, I'm thinking of the past few months that have brought me to the place that I am at now - still, at peace and with my joy firmly in tact. God has really been speaking to me as of late. He will use a number of ways to speak to you (especially if you are ignoring his direct counsel). He will speak to you through people, places and things.

In my case, it was through the person I was seeing. He had, so eloquently, pointed out during a discussion that I was flip floppy in my faith and sometimes-y with my Bible. I immediately got defensive and said, "You need to understand that the Christian walk is hills and valleys!!!! I'm going through stuff!! I...I..." Wait. If the person closest to me at the time could not see Christ in me, what were other's seeing? After that discussion I went into serious reflection mode and asked God to reveal these things to me. I got my answer.

I had been so moody because of my circumstances (job hunting when you're supporting a family of 4 is tough on you mentally, emotionally and physically) and had been complaining to everyone who would listen. I had to stop and ask myself, "Where is your faith?" If I had been outside of myself I would have also questioned where was her God? The God she claims can do all things? Does she really believe in Him?

I also was affecting how unbelievers saw God.


That revelation hurt.

People are watching.

Unbelievers don't understand that "This Christian walk is hills and valleys!!!" They don't get that sometimes we still sin, we fall short, we too are human. They want to know if this is your God and you claim He can do all these things - Why are you so defeated all the time? Why are you so depressed all the time? If that's your God - I can do without Him! They see surface Christianity and want to see an unwavering faith and when we fail to be that light they walk away UNCHANGED by their encounter with you.

If we do anything as Christians, it should be changing someone's view of God from I'm not sure about that to He HAS to be real. Look at all she's going through and still nothing but praise leaves her lips! He HAS to be real! She's gone through all these trials and tribulations and still has joy in her heart! Why is she different? What's she got?

People are watching.

Observing a people who say their God is mighty, incredible and the King of King and Lord of Lords.

People are watching.

And we have to do better.

We have to claim what's ours in victory. We need to be able to suffer and show the light of Christ at the same time. We need to be able to get through so that the people watching say what's going on with them? That they have such strong faith. How are they able to stand? We need to be able to stand because that's how people come to salvation. They say I want that! Whatever it is that they have I want it, too! Even though this person is dying! Even though this person has cancer! They still have this unshakable faith in a God that's going to be there for them; a God that is always going to be with them and they honestly believe that! I want that!

People are watching.

And they are judging our God by His people and what must they think?

We have to do better.

We have to better representations.

This is a call for all Christians out there. I had my faith checked and if you ever had your faith checked you know how much it hurts.

But it made me better. Out of the conviction of my heart flowed a renewed passion to be obedient and to be that light.

I pray the same happens for you.