Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Me

I’m multifaceted. I’m everything and nothing all at once. I’m a dreamer. A lover of people. A romantic. Forever the optimist; my glass is always half full. I’m a girl and a woman. A sister and a mother. A friend. A confidant. What I am is not so simple and just as easily, simplicity itself. I’m a student and a teacher. I’m a thinker and a learner. I desire nothing of this world. I’m Christian. I’m a believer. It’s hard to be a Christian. There are so many worldly temptations and the Devil is always frolicking around. Sometimes I get lost. I’m always led back to God though. His Spirit is in me and I cannot run from him. He always finds me. I love that He’s so persistent! If you don’t have a personal relationship with God you should get one. He’s greater than any lover, more faithful than all your friends, and always by your side NO MATTER WHAT! Is that unconditional love, or what? My favorite color is pink. My favorite flowers are lilies. I see so much beauty in what you would call mundane. I laugh…A LOT! I’m easy to please. I sometimes go out of my way to please others. I hate to disappoint. I love to love. It’s become a hobby of mine. I feel I can’t live without love that will make me blindingly dizzy, euphoric, light-headed, lose my breath, giddy, my heart race, and every other physical reaction that love is suppose to induce. The kind of reactions I get when I’m in the presence of the Lord. I’m pretty smart. Intelligent. Honor Roll. Dean’s List. Honor Society Vice President (GO PHI THETA KAPPA!!). Graduated with Honors. I am a Social Worker, by heart and profession. I want to be a school Social Worker. Summers off :-) I’m open to new experiences. If you’ve read this long you are truly a friend :-) Or just bored. Or you really are interested in getting to know me. I feel sorry for the state that our world is in. I want to adopt one of those kids in the infomercials that are hungry and with my 15 cents a day can eat. I take on problems that I can’t solve on my own. Like Global Warming. World Hunger. Peace in the Middle East. Etc. I’m a person. A human being. I’m me.

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