Transforming Into Me: A Journey to the Natural

So, I'm going "natural!" Some of you might not know what that means so I will explain: I am going to grow my relaxer out. On Dec 30th I am going to do the big chop, which is cutting all of the relaxed hair off. This is necessary to allow your new, natural hair to become healthy on it's own.

A lot of people have mixed feelings about my decision. My family is supportive and I am OK in my decision so that's all that really matters to me. I've tried numerous styles and have never felt "at home" in my own head. My mother relaxed my hair at an early age, 11 years old. I've never been properly introduced to my own hair! I am eager to meet it and learn everything there is to know about it. I welcome you on my journey. 

 This is my hair a month after my last relaxer (Sept. 2010) It's still holding up pretty well. I can see some new growth though! Woot! Woot!


I've immediately turned into a product junkie. Not good. lol Here's what I've tried:

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie - I actually really like this deep conditioner and it smells wonderful.

Carol's Daughter Leave In Conditioner Black Vanilla - I feel like this does nothing for my hair but wet it. I think I need a cream leave it conditioner.

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo - Love this! Felt like it didn't leave it as "clean" as the shampoos with sulfate in it. (I guess I'm so use to that completely stripped feel that those shampoos leave) My hair was actually still soft after I shampooed.

Carol's Daughter Sugar-Dipped Vanilla All Over Sheen - I love this oil. Makes everything smell wonderful and you can use it on your body as well. My hair seems to like it, too!

Organic Root Stimulator Shea Butter - I got this because I desperately needed a moisturizer but this isn't enough. I want to try Carol's Daughter Some of Marguerite's Magic Hairdress.


At this point, I'm done with transitioning. LOL. I thought I would have the patience and I do not. I also am not that attached to my hair. But in the mean time, I have been washing and braiding my hair up. After it dries I let it loose and wear it out. I have a sister who can braid, God bless her heart, so you gave me a french braid last night after I washed. I am seriously loving this NO HEAT thing. It would take up so much time blow drying, hot ironing, and setting. This wash and go thing is the bees knees. I can't wait for it to be shorter so I can just wash and go more easily without having to braid. Why didn't I think of this sooner?! 

Some of my transitioning styles:

After I washed my hair I parted it and braided it like so:

When I woke up in the morning I got this (I am a HUGE fan of accessories! Look at that headband! iDrool!):

I then got my sister to braid the front (For the life of me I can't rotate this pic so I gave up, lol, forgive me!):

And that is what I have been doing so far. Only 2 months in. Yesterday I finally washed it and tool the braids out. Now it's just sitting under this satin bonnet until I decide what to do with it tonight. BOYZ II MEN concert!! Yay!!

See ya soon!



  1. Hey, my friend sent me your blog. Congratulations on making the commitment to go natural! It is one of the best decisions of my life. I love the personal relationship I have developed with my hair that I did not have before when I had a relaxer. It grows so fast and so healthy that I have to cut it all the time! I will be watching, so stay strong!!!

  2. Kristina,
    This was so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to meet my hair. My new growth is coming in and I'm not viewing it the same at all. Usually it would be this bothersome thing that needed a touch up lol but I find myself touching it all the time lol I will be strong, sis! Thanks again for your support! xo