Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today was such a great day of epiphanies. The total realization that we are only here temporarily seems to elude me from time to time. So wrapped up in the carnal world where I am only visitor; stranger; foreigner to this land. So many people tell me I'm selfless yet I seem to be self-led more often then not. What am I feeling today, how do I feel about this, that, you, me, her, him, things, life, strife, struggle, etc.


It's so overwhelming.

It's all so overwhelming.

Do you ever dwell on problems that you can't solve? Like world hunger? Yeah. I'm that girl.

Worry. Anxiety. About the future. About the past. Never about the present. Always trying to get to happy.

When happy can be found now.

Today, I was reminded that I'm going to Heaven.

It was the greatest feeling ever.

To be reminded that I am always longing for Heaven because that is my home.

Heaven is a physical place. Transformed bodies. No sadness. No sickness. No death.


Working happily.

More rejoicing.




We are not from here. That's why we will never be satisfied with anything on earth.

Yet, we can be content.

But we long for Heavenly things.

God prepared Heaven for us.

"Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." ~ Matthew 25:34

Beloved, I implore you, these things you are going through are TEMPORARY.

It gets better than this.

My Pastor was so impassioned delivering this message.

Fear and worry keep us from God's peace. We need to be still and know that the ruler of the universe, the sovereign King, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings - He reigns.

God is with us.
God is with you.

God is with you.

Go into next week KNOWING without a shadow of a doubt - God. Is. With. You.



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