Saturday, January 29, 2011

In The Beginning...

This torrential love
This back and forth love
This love because I can't help but love
You are my eternal love
In my mind love

When will the fairytale end love?
When will this all come crashing down love?
My high love
Get low love
Better not see you with another chick love

This heartsick love
This I need you love
This I can't breathe without you love
This I can't think about anything but you love
This isn't really love


As deadly as one of the seven sins
Where do I begin
To separate from you?
When we touch
I don't know where I begin
Where you end

Lost in your eyes
Passage way to your soul
Take me away
This can't be life...

To be continued...


  1. Absolutely love it! Can't wait to see the rest because this generation doesn't know the difference between love and infatuation. -KnobleOne

  2. So what happens when things are mixed up? What happens if this "love" was rude and also back and forth love. However, it was patient and kind. It was not jealous or boastful or proud. It rejoiced when truth won out. Love had faith but at times gave up yet still endured every circumstance... Is that love or infactuation???
    Let's switch it... What if things changed & that feeling of "you are my eternal love began? Love is now jealous, boastful, and proud. Love is not rude but does demand its own way. It is irritable and very few times keeps record of being wronged. However, Love claims it doesn't need you yet appreciates you being there... Love no longer is a back & forth love. Love remained patient and kind. It rejoiced whenever truth won out towards u however rejoiced about injustice for others. Love never gave up, never lost faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. What do you call this? Love, somewhat love, infactuation, or a deceptive love???