Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 5: Your siblings.

I have SO neglected this challenge! Things got so hectic with the end of the semester and whatnot! But - I refuse to quit! LOL! So, day 5 it is, like 20 days later!

Day 5: Your Siblings

We'll start with the baby. My sis is now 17 years old and 18 years ago I asked for a sister and my mom gave me one! Thanks, mom! Talk about fulfilling a request! I love my sister dearly.

My brother O'mar and my grandmother

My brother is locked up right now but he's doing well and we expect him home soon! <3
My brother and I are 4 years apart (making him 23 years old right now) I love my brother and can't wait for our family to be reunited.

My oldest brother, Unie. I crapped on his arm as a baby. He will tell anyone who will listen. LOL! I love my big brother! 

So, these are my siblings. They have a very special place in mi corazon! xo

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